VPN for tablet

The tablet has become indispensable from the living rooms of the Netherlands. Children play games or watch Youtube, adults read books on it, or watch their favorite series when the television is occupied. But also flat computers prove their usefulness. Camping guests can't live without, and who wants to go on holiday without the possibility to make contact with the family from their hotelroom?

One VPN for all your devices

5 Euro VPN often gets the question whether it is necessary for a tablet to take out a VPN subscription, in addition to one for the home computer. The answer is that one subscription is enough for both! With every VPN subscription you can install an app that keeps your mobile devices - tablets but also phones - safe.

This is handy because it sometimes happens that people secure their mobile devices a lot less well than they do their computer at home or at work. Perhaps because a tablet is only used at the campsite - and what can go wrong there? - or because the tablet only comes out of the cover during holidays, none the less, security is often absent. And that is dangerous, because unsafe online situations exist outside your own home. A hacker can easily hack into a public WiFi, so in hotels and at campgrounds you should be extra careful!

A VPN offers good protection against the most common threats.

VPN encryption

A VPN offers good protection against the most common threats. Your internet signal is first encrypted by the VPN with encryption, and only then brought online via a special IP address. That has two advantages. The first is that information from your tablet (such as log-in codes) can not be read due to the encryption - if someone tries to read from a distance, then it never works! The second advantage is that your signal is anonymous because of that IP address and can not be linked to a person or specific device. And that saves a lot of advertising on your favorite websites, because advertisers can not use their cookies!

American Netflix

In addition, there is one very big advantage to install a VPN app on your tablet. Because your online identity can not be checked, you can easily make contact with the American Netflix, for example, and watch series that are not online in the Netherlands. That makes life at the campsite even more fun!

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