Cheap VPN: What to look for?

5 Euro VPN offers secure, stable and fast internet, plenty of servers to choose from and a 24 hour helpdesk.

Anyone looking online for a VPN provider that suits him or her, has roughly three choices: free, cheap or (more) expensive. But what exactly do you have to pay attention to if you choose the first or last option?

Let's start with the costs that a VPN provider makes to maintain the service, because that explains a lot. A VPN company runs on software that quickly ages if you do nothing, and manages a server park of computers that are rented worldwide at various companies. There is a lot to do with contracts, agreements and security checks! In addition, costs are incurred for setting up and maintaining a good helpdesk, this website, and all apps that are offered. All things that involve daily costs, which have to be recovered in one way or another.

Free VPN

If you look at it this way, you'll understand why a 'free VPN' is actually near impossible, unless the VPN is built by volunteers who want to make the internet a bit safer. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, these services are not always stable. If the volunteers decide to quit, the service will be done, and so will your online security. There are known cases where free services did not take it too seriously with the privacy of it's users, and resold data to third parties. One of the exact things for which you just decided to download a VPN!

One of the exact things for which you just decided to download a VPN!

Expensive VPN

Conversely, there are companies that just have an expensive offerings. There are also certain reasons behind that, which are not surprising at all. There are plenty of users who appreciate extra encryption (ie on top of the 'normal', yet already firm encryption), or who have very specific wishes regarding torrenting or internet speeds - think of gamers who want to play against someone physical distance. These kind of specific wishes also come with a specific price: if you want more than a 'regular' VPN service, then you'll also pay more. A disadvantage for 'ordinary' users is that this type of service assumes that you are technically skilled, and knows how to set up an advanced VPN service yourself. That is not given to everyone!

Cheap VPN

We've arrived at Cheap VPN's, the category that also contains 5 Euro VPN - the name says enough! Services like 5 Euro VPN offer a package that contains everything you need as an average user, without the extra's that expensive VPN's have, but also without the uncertainties of a free provider. Take a look at the many articles on this website: 5 Euro VPN offers safe, stable and fast internet, plenty of servers to choose from (plus Smart DNS to get to all content worldwide quickly and easily), and a 24 hour helpdesk for any problems. In addition, the service is very user-friendly and there are no limits on the amount of devices on which the VPN is used: everyone in the household can safely go online, on mobile or on PC or Mac computers.

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