5 Euro VPN's Secure Servers

5 Euro VPN's Secure Servers

5 Euro VPN prefers quality over quantity.

It is good to realize that virtually every VPN network relies on servers and networks of third parties. The fact that 5 Euro VPN offers a server in Boston does not mean that there is a private computer cabinet, but that we rent server space that can be used by our customers. A small difference, but one with consequences if the local authority does not think the same about privacy, no logs policy and anonymity. See North Korea, but also see Russia and China, for example, where the government is doing its best to keep a grip on the internet. That is exactly why 5 Euro VPN keeps a close eye on how the owner of the servers in our network deals with these things.

Peak hours

Another important point is speed. A VPN provider can stunt with the upload and download speeds, but what if the server in Boston can not handle that speed at peak hours at all? We know that servers are burdened most by local people, for example from five to nine, what influence does this have on people who log in from afar? Is there still memory space for that? Does that server get the speeds that are advertised?

5 Euro VPN prefers quality rather than quantity. The number of servers that we have in our app may not be as great as those of other providers, but it has been extensively researched on the performance delivered. We monitor the servers we use 24 hours a day for stability, speed and reliability: is anonymous online guaranteed anonymously?

Smart DNS

In addition, 5 Euro VPN makes good use of technical tricks such as Smart DNS to be able to do more with fewer servers. This is a system where we deploy strong and secure Dutch servers when users on an American server want to go. The VPN of the user establishes contact with a powerful server in the vicinity of his or her place of residence. That server then liaises with an American server, after which the user can log into the American Netflix and watch films there. The big advantage for the user is that the internet speed is that of the Dutch server, and not that of the American. And the advantage for 5 Euro VPN is that we do not have to maintain hundreds of servers in the United States, which in turn saves costs - and therefore the price we pass on to the customer.

Our great plans and pricing

The great deals we are offering. And keep in mind that we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee!