Fastest VPN

Fastest VPN

Our 'Speed Boost' ensures the fastest VPN connection without compromising security.

The software and the server network of 5 Euro VPN are structured in such a way that users can always expect the highest internet speeds. That has to do with the building of the 5 Euro VPN service. Where many VPN services screen with countless servers that you can use, 5 Euro VPN chooses for quality of the servers rather than quantity. We monitor the used servers 24 hours a day to see how stable and fast these are, and adjust the services accordingly.

American Netflix

In addition, 5 Euro VPN makes good use of technical tricks such as Smart DNS and Speed Boost. Smart DNS is a system where we deploy strong Dutch servers when users on an American server want to go. A VPN user in the Netherlands contacts a powerful server near his or her place of residence. That server then makes contact with an American server, after which the user can log into the American Netflix and watch films there. The big advantage for the user is that the internet speed is that of the Dutch server, and not that of the American. And the advantage for 5 Euro VPN is that we do not have to maintain hundreds of servers in the United States, which in turn saves costs - and therefore the price we pass on to the customer.

And that Speed Boost? Our technicians have figured out something that we have encountered nowhere else and that the transfer of data from server to server is just as smooth. How it works exactly is the secret of the blacksmith, but let's say that we are confident about every speed test with the Speed Boost.


But how fast is 5 Euro VPN actually? Exactly that is impossible to say. A lot depends on the type of computer and software you use, the quality of the internet provider that you use online and geographical distances. To give a few examples: a computer with ten-year processors simply retrieves download speeds than a brand new one. Internet providers that restrict the bandwidth of their customers do not allow huge downloads, even if VPN is enabled. And if you live in Amsterdam and want to download something from Mexico, that information travels a long distance through thick internet cables that lie at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Internet is often very fast nowadays, but it just takes time to transport information over a distance of 9,000 kilometers.

And you will notice this for example if you want to do online activities where timing is important. Online traders know all about this and put their offices close to the important internet hubs (such as the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, or AMS-IX) in order to be able to trade faster than the competition. But gamers do not have to explain anything: they experience more lag ('lagging') in their online games when they play against Americans, for example, than when they play a game against people from Germany.


All this does not mean that 5 Euro VPN always looks for improvement of its service and the quality of the network of servers we use. At the moment the quality of the American and European servers we use is fine, but there are restrictions for regions such as Asia and Oceania. 5 Euro VPN has enough server capacity there, only there (especially outside the big cities) the speed is often less than what we are accustomed to in the West, simply because older servers are used, under less favorable conditions than what we in the West normally find.

On the other hand, nothing is wrong with the quality of the connections! 'Pinching', the 'pinching' of connections that you sometimes encounter at free VPN providers, is not included with 5 Euro VPN. For people who seek contact with Asia for trade purposes or booking a hotel on your holiday in Thailand, the Internet speeds of 5 Euro VPN will certainly not disappoint.

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