No logs policy

No logs policy

5 Euro VPN maintains a strict No Logs ('no log') policy. This means that during your online sessions we will never keep track of when or for how long you are online. This would be exactly what you don't want as a VPN user, because with this information makes it possible to create link between your computer and actual online activities.


5 Euro VPN does not track in any way how long an online session lasts, how often someone is online, nor from which IP address or server is logged in and which files are downloaded or sent. The aim is to fully guarantee your anonymity, even in extreme circumstances. To put it simply: we can not link sessions to people, as much as someone (or a body) wants it. Even if you request your own data, we will not be able to find it.


To give an idea of what these logs actually are, it is useful to read the bullets below. We explain in what ways your online behavior can be recorded - important information for people who find their online privacy and anonymity important - and how we look at it.

  • Connection logs. A simple log of what connections there have been on a server. From which IP address was logged in, at what time, and how much data traffic was there in the time that this IP address was active on the VPN server. Information that is very interesting for services that want to link certain online activities to a person: if you logged in at 10:21 on Tuesday and 12:45 left your computer, someone would only have to search for the corresponding times in the connection log. 5 Euro VPN does not keep connection logs, on the grounds that we simply do not want customers to be linked to this type of data.

  • Use logs. In addition to connection logs that record when you are online, usage logs can keep track of exactly what you are doing online. This kind of logs, for example, stores the URLs of the websites you visit, information about downloads (such as the name, origin and size of files), protocols and software that you used during your online session. This kind of information is of course worth gold for companies that would like to send you personalized ads, but government services will also be very interested. 5 Euro VPN is far from here: we do not define in any way what you do online, where, or with whom you have contact.


For the sake of clarity: 5 Euro VPN will do everything to guarantee your online security and anonymity, with the simple reason that we think that is really necessary in this time. Internet users are increasingly having to deal with data leaks, with hackers, with aggressive advertising and with curious authorities. A user of a VPN service must be able to assume that his or her VPN guarantees online security in all possible ways at all times. In all other cases, a VPN service is not worthy of the name Virtual Private Network.

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