Why A VPN Subscription?

The first step to a VPN subscription is a bit of a thing for many people. You went years without a VPN, why would you suddenly need to spend dozens of Euro's yearly on a subscription?

One of the right answers is: because the internet has become a less safe environment in recent years. Not only have hackers become more skilled at getting acquiring personal data, large institutions won't always deal with your data properly - just have look at all the scandals surrounding Facebook. These kinds of companies earn money by reselling your data to third parties, who in turn will use them again to get targeted (annoying) ads on your screen.

In short, it pays to invest in a solution that protects your private data and keeps your identity hidden as long as you want. And not because you're doing something illegal, but because you're better off arming yourself against people who are.

VPN Subscription

That is why more and more people are opting for a VPN subscription. VPN protects you against the worst of the web, and gives you all kinds of advantages as a bonus. To start with the latter: who does not like cheaper plane tickets or sports shoes? VPN allows you to do anonymous shopping and pay local prices in online stores, whether you live in the region of the offer or not. That has to do with how VPN works. It masks your computer signal and, as it were, creates a tunnel around your connection that no one from outside can see through.

It masks your computer signal and, as it were, creates a tunnel around your connection that no one from outside can see through.

By masking (your signal gets a different, temporary and untraceable IP Address assigned) it is not clear to anyone what exactly that anonymous user is doing and who exactly is online at that moment. For example, travel agency computers only record that someone from the region wants to buy a flight ticket, not whether that person is actually in the region at the time of purchase, so that all local discounts apply!

Great Pricing!

At 5 Euro VPN we understand that it might not be a small step to register for a VPN subscription. That's why we try to give as much information as possible on our website for you to review all the benefits of a VPN, and that's also why we try to keep our prices as low as possible. As economical Dutchmen we do not like paying too much ourselves! We have therefore thought about ways to offer a VPN that is as secure as possible from the start, for the lowest possible price. Not by cutting back on online security, on the contrary, but by, for example, arranging internet traffic smarter via Smart DNS. This provides a lot of benefits, from which you will eventually benefit montly. Check here for our prices.

Our great plans and pricing

The great deals we are offering. And keep in mind that we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee!