Downloading with VPN

Downloading with VPN

5 Euro VPN's ultra-fast servers are optimized for P2P / torrenting and other downloading activities

What is the download quality of 5 Euro VPN? Elsewhere we explain that the 5 Euro VPN service is fast, but what about sizeable downloads? There is no need for a user to worry about that either: it's all good. The network is structured in such a way that large data packets pass easily, whether you upload or download. We can't tell you how fast this exactly is, because it depends too much on the quality of the users setup. Simply put: a computer with some five-year-old processors will not achieve the same speeds as a brand new one, and some computers are simply better equipped for data processing than others.

Downloading Torrents

When you say downloading, you think torrent networks. These are intended for the sending of large (er) data packets in a network of computers: people use them to exchange data online, especially if this has to be anonymous. You extract a file from a so-called Bittorrent network (a group of users of the torrent program) and put it on your computer. The members of the network can also join, so that you help to share it with new group members.


Peer-to-peer networks (P2P) work the same: they are groups of computers that all store small parts of data files, where everyone within that group can access. If you request a file (for example a certain song), small files are requested that are brought together to 1 file that your computer can access. Your computer also participates in this process, so if others in the network want to download something, they automatically get what they need from your computer.

Is downloading illegal?

There are many misunderstandings about the legality of downloads. In itself downloading is simply one of the many technical tricks that we use on the internet. Everyone does it, and with reason: the fact that we can easily send information from one computer to another is just about the reason that the internet was invented! And download Peer-to-Peer? There is nothing wrong with that either. The system became popular when not many people at home had computers that could process large files properly. That is why dividing a file into pieces: a user in a P2P network only has to download a small file to gain access to the larger file.

The technique is therefore more efficient than illegal. But what about the things that are downloaded? There is of course the pinch: it just depends on what you download, and who owns it. If you download - to name but a few - a thick manual of a washing machine, then there is no rooster to roam at, but if you download a film without the owner's permission, then it is a bit different. The same story applies to Torrents: torrents download is not an illegal act, but watch out with exactly what you download.

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