VPN for mobile: safe internet-surfing outdoors

Mobile phones and tablets have made online life very easy. A little too easy even, because it's a breeze for malicious people to break into your phone if you're not careful. You will not be the first to lose log-in data because you log into a public WiFi network, or bank online on a hotel network that does not appear to be the hotel, but a smart hacker who has turned on another WiFi that resembles the name from your hotel.

What can you do about it? First of all, it is always advisable not to use any public Wi-Fi network, because it is very easy to take over by malicious parties. And besides, you can of course be selective with what you do online if you log in to a public network. Searching for a restaurant, not your pin code to your partner, that work.

VPN allows you to do anonymous shopping and pay local prices in online stores, whether you live in the region of the offer or not.

To start the protection: a VPN masks your internet signal by encrypting it. This masked signal is also redirected to a VPN server that can not be linked to the location of your phone. If you log in on a hotel network that is not in the hotel, then a hacker can not do anything with your signal. He does not know where it comes from, whose data are, and can not read the encrypted messages either. Worthless!

A second advantage is that cookies do not work, small files that advertisers pass on what you're looking for, online, so they can offer personalized advertisements. Use your VPN, then such an advertiser has no idea who you are and what you love, so they leave you alone. No two months of spam from that one restaurant in Paris where you ever searched for five minutes on your phone!

And the advantages? VPN allows you to do anonymous shopping and pay local prices in online stores, whether you live in the region of the offer or not. That has to do with how VPN works. This masks the internet signal from your smartphone and, as it were, creates a tunnel around your connection that no one outside can see through. By masking (your smartphone gets a different, temporary and untraceable IP Address assigned) it is not clear to anyone what exactly that anonymous user is doing and who exactly is online at that moment. For example, travel agency computers only record that someone from the region wants to buy a flight ticket, not whether that person is actually in the region at the time of purchase, so that all local discounts apply!

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