DNS Leakprotection

DNS Leakprotection

5 Euro VPN has built-in protection against DNS leaks. What are they? The explanation may be somewhat technical, but believe us: if your privacy is dear to you, you do not want your VPN connection to leak via DNS.

What exactly is DNS?

The letters DNS stand for 'Dynamic Name System', and this system works as a kind of address book for the internet. In practice, this system links the website that you type in your browser to the IP address of that website - a unique code that is assigned to each computer connected to the internet. DNS ensures that your computer connects to the website 5eurovpn.nl via the correct IP address, the moment you type in that name.

What exactly is a DNS leak?

For computer users who work without a VPN, the DNS system looks up a so-called DNS server that links up with IP addresses. This is often the DNS server of your internet provider. But if you go online with a VPN connection, that VPN service should use its own DNS server: VPN forms a kind of protective 'tunnel' around your internet connections, so that nobody can see which websites you visit, how long you are active there, etcetera. But with a DNS leak, something goes wrong: your computer will still request IP addresses from a non-VPN secured DNS server, usually the server of your internet provider because it is set as default. How is that possible? Often because something is wrongly adjusted in your VPN or browser settings.

What are the risks?

Actually, a DNS leak your VPN connection in one blow worthless. Because your computer connects to the DNS server in the 'normal' way (ie without VPN), you are vulnerable to parties that are looking for information about your surfing behavior. Hackers who enter the server of your provider (rest assured, this is quite difficult) can still see which websites you visit, with whom you mail and the like. Exactly what you do not want as a VPN user. That is why 5 Euro VPN has standard built-in protection against DNS leaks: the system itself checks whether a (safe) connection is sought with a trusted DNS server.

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