Dutch VPN

5 Euro VPN has many Dutch customers and likes to use the fantastic server network that the Netherlands has.

There are a number of important reasons for this. The servers are powerful, hypermodern and secure, and have (via the important internet node AMS-IX) a perfect entry point for internet activities. Just think: servers that are far away from the important junctions will lose more energy to transport data, with great consequences for your speed! AMS-IX is the hub for internet traffic between Western Europe and countries on the other side of the Atlantic, so you understand its importance. As Dutch VPN there are therefore major advantages over the brothers and sisters from Germany or England, to name a few cross streets.


That choice for servers in the Netherlands is not just there: 5 Euro VPN chooses quality over quantity. With us you will not see long lists with servers in all possible countries, as you sometimes see with other VPN providers. These lists are sometimes a bit confusing: if a provider indicates that you can connect to a certain VPN server in England, does that mean that he really has a server? That would mean that he pays rent for it, has permits for it and maintains - all expensive things that you should see back in the price.

Smart DNS

5 Euro VPN prefers to do it differently. Because we have Smart DNS integrated into our systems, you can go to Dutch servers around the world for your data. Smart DNS uses a strong (Dutch) server as a base, which then makes contact with a server in, for example, the United States, after which you go online as an 'American' user, with all the benefits that entails.


Just as important as the technical quality of Dutch servers is that they are easy to check on issues such as (guarantee of) anonymity, privacy of users and protection of data, with or without VPN. For Dutch servers, the reliability is simply excellent, something that does not or less applies in countries where there is a very different look at online freedom and anonymity. For example, Russia has been trying to get more grip on our online behavior for years by banning (anonymous) end-to-end encryption, while that is the cork where messager services like Telegram and WhatsApp are running.

Still not convinced? Perhaps it helps to know that other VPN providers rely on Dutch servers for the same reasons. ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, they all know the power of the Dutch server park and the proximity of AMS-IX.

Our great plans and pricing

The great deals we are offering. And keep in mind that we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee!