VPN for Mac

Apple Macintosh users are used to a high degree of security: significantly fewer viruses are detected on Apple computers than on Windows devices! As an Apple user you want to extend this security online, in order to minimize the risks.

Special VPN for Mac

That's why 5 Euro VPN also offers a special VPN app for Mac users, which works as you would expect. By completing a simple installation by clicking on the VPN icon and entering your activation code in the app you'll be ready and will be safe online. VPN for Mac works exactly the same as the versions for Windows, or iOS and Android. Your internet signal is encrypted with encryption, and only then brought online via a special IP address. That has two advantages. The first is that information from your Mac (such as log-in codes) can not be read due to the encryption - if someone tries to read from a distance, then it never works! The second advantage is that your signal is anonymous because of that IP address and can not be linked to a person or specific device. And that saves a lot of advertising on your favorite websites, because advertisers can not use their cookies!

One VPN for all your devices

Our service does not stop there! Subscribers can also download apps for all their other devices, which can be activated with the same activation code. You won't have to choose between our VPN for tablet or mobile, and VPN for Mac - it is all part of the same subscription. So you can let your children watch American Netflix on the iPad with confidence, while you do some online banking safely on your Macbook.

Our great plans and pricing

The great deals we are offering. And keep in mind that we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee!